Looking at this old hunting knife and thinking, here comes new old rusty knife restoration. Blade is damaged and definitely needs a new handle, because the current knife’s handle is in bad shape …

old rusty knife before restoration

So, I started with disassembling the knife. Firstly I cutted the leather rings on the knife’s handle. Then I repaired the blade. I did that with file for metal and sandpaper.

After that I made a new gorgeous wooden handle from scrap wood. I haven’t used any modern power tool, hand tools only. In this video below you can see how I transformed this old rusty knife into beautiful new knife!

Check out this old rusty knife restoration video!!!

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Beside the knife’s blade and wooden handle I tried to bring to life a knife’s sheath also. I used several creams specially for leather. That gave nice shine to it and made it soft on touch. I am quite sure it will help in preserving the leather a bit longer.

Here you can see how knife looks like after restoration. As you can see, I haven’t used small metal parts on handle. But I took extra time to shape the handle to look the same. Of course, without metal bits.

old rusty knife after restoration

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