This EXTREMELY rusty axe head is a ground find while metal detecting in Norway. I got it from my friend about 2 years ago. For a long time what to do until this restoration video. I needed an axe/hatchet to use in the shop and trips into the woods.

Axe head before restoration.
Axe head before restoration.

Carrying around 3.5 lb, was too much, therefore I reduced the weight to 1.65 lb by cutting the axe head by hand.

About The Rusty Axe Head

As I mentioned this axe was dug out from the ground in Norway. It looks really old and the shape indicated similarity with the well known Mustad axe. Unfortunately, it is not a Mustad axe. So, it is perfect in a way for this project. Other than that, I really don’t know much about this axe head. This time I haven’t found any markings.

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I restored and modified this old axe head!

The Restoration/Modification Process

I started by cutting the axe head by hand after marking the desired shape. The next step was to grind the rust and see what is under. Finding out that the pittings are quite deep was not what I was looking for.

Cutting the axe head.
Cutting the axe head.

I wanted to make this axe head like a mirror finish, now that is impossible. Anyway, I continued grinding on a finer wet stone until I got a nice smooth surface.

Reshaping the cutting edge on wet stone.
Reshaping the cutting edge on wet stone.
Grinding on hand crank grinder.
Grinding on hand crank grinder.

To get even sides, I file and sand the axe head, chamfer the edges. And I was ready to start making the handle. For this project I used an accoya wood. I have never worked with it in this manner, so that was really interesting. It is very easy to cut, shape and it seems super rigid and lightweight.

Making the handle from accoya wood for the rusty axe head
Making the handle from accoya wood for the rusty axe head.

After finishing the handle, I started making the leather sheath for the axe head. I used brown leather and made a very simple sheath. I didn’t want to complicate the design, since I am working with the leather for the first time.

Finishing the stitching of leather sheath.
Finishing the stitching of leather sheath.

Finally, I applied the Teak oil to the handle after carving the simple shape. I tested the axe outside to see performance. I am very satisfied, it is not too heavy or too light. Also cuts the tree perfectly. 

Modified and restored, it looks beautiful.
Rusty axe head modified and restored, it looks beautiful.

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