Scissors Blade Restoration and Knife Making Out of it

I was cleaning around the shop and found an old broken garden scissors along the wooden pieces. So, I thought to make a knife from scissors’ blade and handle from scrap wood. First thing I had to do was scissors blade restoration and making a knife out of it afterwards.

Material for this project.
Material for this project.

Officially this is my first knife build project and please note that this is not ‘how to make a knife’ post or video! Further, depending on your feedback I might make more of knife making videos in future. Let me know what you think, thank you!

Check out this scissors blade restoration and making a knife out of it video below!

Hope you enjoyed in this restoration video! Thanks a lot for watching!

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Restoring scissors’ blade first.

Firstly I disassembled the scissors. Then I sanded the blade for a while one blade to get this shiny look below. Also I sharpened the blade’s edge.

Scissors blade after sanding during the restoration.
Scissors blade after sanding during the restoration.

Next step was to start making and shaping the wooden handle. I did that by drawing the shape, cutting with hand saw and glued together. After drying I used file to flatten the wood and got this!

Roughly shaped knife's handle.
Roughly shaped knife’s handle.

Then I cut a groove for the blade and drilled it for brass peens. Furthermore I was testing fit of the blade and new handle.

Blade and handle first time assembled.
Blade and handle first time assembled.

After testing the fit, I marked and chamfer all edges on the handle. I was really pleased to see the result after doing this.

Chamfering the handle's edges.
Chamfering the handle’s edges.

Before I started assembling I wanted to polish the blade and make it really to pop out. On the picture below is nice and smooth handle and polished blade.

Ready to be assembled. Scissors blade looks good.
Ready to be assembled. Scissors blade looks good.

Finally assembling and showing you guys the result. Even though this was my first knife making project, I think it came out alright.

Restored scissors' blade and new wooden handle.
Restored scissors’ blade and new wooden handle.

Thank you a big time for checking out this post!
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Here is how it looks in hand after scissors blade restoration and knife making out of it.
Here is how it looks in hand after scissors blade restoration and knife making out of it.

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  1. I honestly like you innovation ideas, But on this once, you’ve created an extremely weak handle this time. Not only is there no metal through the handle, but you glued end grain to the darker decorative wood and all that is behind the metal support in the front of that end grain glue up. That never holds up to any stress. Nice to look at and display, but I honestly do think it will come apart if used… Thumbs Up!

  2. Bravo pour tes restauration juste manuellement c’est du super recyclage de vieux outils et ça fait du bien à la planète…

  3. Great job man you did an awesome job I can’t wait to see the next knife you make out of that other piece of scissors

  4. Hello Boris ,, excellent restoration and transformation,,,, congratulations ,,you uses recyclable materials,,,,and no power tools ,,,,muy buen trabajo amigo …

  5. Hallo Boris. Perfect done. Thank you for showing the way you sharpen your knife. Greetings. Alex.

  6. You have such an imagination 👍🏼 great job! I honestly love love seeing all the sanding lol it’s my fav part 🙈 but your very talented dude keep up the amazing work.

  7. Wow, I have been very impressed, how long it should have taken to do everything?.
    Excelent Work

  8. Wow the whole process was so satisfying to watch.
    Man i love knifes, keep up the good work can’t wait to your next project thx

  9. Hey Boris, nice resto-transformation!
    The handle looks really good. And the linseed oil gave it a nice final touch. 👌
    Looking forward to another one.

  10. So the 3 pieces of the handle are held together by wood glue. Whats to stop it snapping as soon as pressure is applied to it?

  11. Hey everyone!
    I made this knife from things laying around! I know it is not great, but for my first knife making project I think it is alright. Anyway, I would love to hear feedback from you guys regarding making knives! Would you like to see more of them in future?

    Thanks and stay happy!
    See you next Monday 😊
    Boris, Norway

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