Restoration of an EXTREMELY RARE OLD SCRIBE pocket knife from Germany. This David Dominicus Pocket Knife is a timber or wood srcibe knife.

Scribe knife before restoration.
Old scribe pocket knife before restoration. David Dominicus & CO 561 Remscheid.

I was told the timber companies had cruisers that marked the trees to be cut with this type of knife. A very unusual collectible pocket knife indeed.


Amazing find, VERY RARE OLD pocket knife produced in Germany. Inscriptions on the blade are David Dominicus & CO 561 Remscheid. The condition of the knife looks very worn out. The blade is loose and didn’t have almost any tension to it. Also, covers have damage and metal pins bent.

It is unclear how this old pocket knife ended up in Norway. But according to the seller, his father got it as a gift from a German friend. The age is difficult to confirm, so if you have any information please write a comment below!

In the video below you can enjoy watching how I hand restored this old scribe pocket knife.

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Firstly I started by dismantling the pocket knife. I have difficulties to separate parts, because of bent metal pins. Finally, after many attempts I ended up using pliers to cut the pins and hammer them out with a puncher. I submerged metal parts in a vinegar solution for a day, grinded, sanded and polished afterwards. 

I removed damaged areas from wooden covers and sanded with 120 -180 – 240 grit. This time I haven’t used any oil, but for the first time I polished the covers with hand crank grinder.

In the video above I made two additional brass liners by hand and used brass pins to secure the pocket knife. Also I replaced 2 mm brass pins with 3 mm.

Handle detail
Handle detail after restoration.
Scribe knife after restoration.
Old scribe pocket knife after restoration. David Dominicus & CO 561 Remscheid.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next one!
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  1. This is my first time on this channel, but certainly not my last. I love how you use hand tools only. Such a pity that you still use electric lights….
    My compliments for this video, it is completely clear what you are doing. The brass liners, are they to compensate for wear or are they for even better looks?

  2. Good job! It’s not a too extreeme piece, forestmen use this shape to sign the trees to cut.

  3. He loves his hammer. Not the most delicate touch who wouldn’t want him restoring their fragiles.

  4. HI FFD very beautiful knife beautiful restoration good job well done I

  5. As usual, exceptional work mate. I love my power tools but the quiet and serenity of your workshop really soothes the nerves.
    The knife turned out impressively well, but looks to be a horror to sharpen with that curved blade. Looking forward to your next project.

  6. Wow,a lot to say,but first I really appreciate all the new camera angles!!!
    I know it takes a lot more production and editing,but being able to observe you working from so many viewpoints,was just great,made me feel like I was there in the room!!👍👍👍
    Also it’s really cool seeing you use the previous tools you’ve restored !!!💯
    Finally,great restoration, and Happy Holidays to you!!!!!!🎄🎁🎀🍾😁😁😁

  7. Wieder mal eine gute Arbeit ,ich wünsche dir frohe Weihnachten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Unrelated ads randomly interrupting the video really affects the experience of watching your wonderful work.

  9. Impressed by manual tools and this oldest western shaving tools

  10. Beautiful work sir … Everytime pleasure to watch ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. What a great bushcraft outdoor make stuff knife. I just love old tools when men had skills an crafts
    Really nice workshop you have i like the old tools

  12. Новая мастерская? Круто! 👍🏼 Станки на чел.-тяге, как же это умиротворяющи на фоне всех электроинструментов. Спасибо Вам за такой контент.

  13. Awesome work as always. At first glance I thought it was a farriers knife

  14. Like your shop, nicely done sir. Great restoration. Always a pleasure to watch you in action.

  15. Very good Job Love it so wait on the next Video ❤️❤️⭐❤️❤️👍

  16. I am very impressed as always sorry I haven’t been posting on your videos in awhile been busy with Christmas my favorite part is definitely when you were using the foot pedal scroll saw and Whetstone never seen those in your videos and I always love that you do the traditional ways of restoring items very impressive awesome work keep it up

  17. Wenn ich nicht ganz falsch liege, ist das ein Messer für den Hufschmied zum Auskratzen und beschneiden von Pferdehufe.

  18. Great job! The brass liners were a nice touch. Merry Christmas! 😃👍🏼

  19. Зачетно, достойно уважения работа!Хорошая реставрация!

  20. Hey man, you missed to produce THE cliffhanger of the knife restoration universe.
    Just restore and “forget” to explain the purpose. 😉
    Great result!
    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  21. Now that is a cool knife! Great job on the restoration Boris!

  22. This is really an incredible build fantastic job and a beautiful pocket knife

  23. Esa herramienta la usaba mi abuelo que era zapatero para recortar la zuela de los zapatos en 1940

  24. I have the same scribe, also made by David Dominicus. I work in forestry in the UK and was given it by an old colleague. They were used here until paint/tape took over and forestry became more mechanised and the need to mark timber for niche markets sadly diminished. The only difference with mine is that it also has a handle which locks the blade shut, and when it is in use, protects the users knuckles from bark/branches. I can send a photo if you’re interested. I don’t have the means to take it apart but after watching your video will at least clean it up a bit! Great work.

  25. Привет Борис👋 контент пушка 👌🏽 такого ножа я ещё не видел, получил массу удовольствия от твоей реставрации 👍👍👍 все супер 💣✌🏻🇷🇺

  26. Love the restoration hate the music. So much better when it’s just the restoration. I struggle to watch the whole video with the annoying music in the background.

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  28. I’m always amazed by how well-thought and greatly built certain equipment could be in those days. And thanks to your brilliant work we can get a chance to see it again. You seem to have a good hand handling all the tools. If you don’t mind me asking, is this what you do full time? 😅

  29. Awesome. Pretty cool never seen a knife do that before! Btw how tall are you 😳 you look like your all legs lol. Have to love all that extra room now you never sit. 😂

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