Shaving Knife Restoration [Trailer]

Trailer version of shaving knife restoration by hand. I have couple of those, and in this video I am restoring one. Firstly, I took the knife apart and start removing rust. The steel is very hard on this knife, so it was quite long process of removing all rust by hand.

Shaving knife before restoration.
Shaving knife before restoration.

During the disassembling I manage to break one handle :(. To be worse, the blade snapped as well. Yup, lucky me! From shaving knife restoration, became knife saving project! More about that in long version of this restoration. Then, I made two new wooden handles and new shape for the blade. The end result is not bad actually. I like it, but now is more like a knife in a shape of shaving knife :). Therefore, it will be a great addition to my knife collection.

Check out this restoration trailer video below!

This video is a short version, it is showing how I restored this old shaving knife in 1 minute.

Hope you enjoyed in this video! Thanks a lot for watching! 
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Project took me 7 hours. I used old rusty shaving knife as a knife for this restoration and tools such as: files, sandpaper 180, 240, 320, 600 grit, wet stone, table clamp, handsaw, small planer, hand drill, small hammer…

Shaving knife after restoration.
Result after restoration.

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