This time I wanted to do easy, quick and interesting restoration and perfect candidate for that is this lovely high tension hacksaw. I couldn’t find any information about brand or the age of the hacksaw… if you know some, please write a comment. Thank you!

High tension hacksaw before restoration
High tension hacksaw before restoration, paint is chipped on aluminium parts and rust on chrome piece.

Anyway, as usually I first disassembled the hacksaw and start applied the paint remover on painted parts. Left that to rest and start cleaning other pieces. After I while I came back and strip some paint off, I realized that I had to repeat the same process again. In meanwhile I sanded and polished all other parts of the hacksaw. Now was good time to strip the old paint. Unfortunately, there is some paint left, but with steel brush I managed to remove all. After that I washed under the tap water and dry them. Finally parts were ready for painting. Did first primer coat and then three more coats of black paint.

That dried nicely and it was perfect time to start assembling. Further more, everything went really well and there she is. Hacksaw is fully restored.

Watch this high tension hacksaw video below!

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High tension hacksaw after restoration
And here is the high tension hacksaw after restoration.

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