In this post I will try to restore this old yellow knife with a broken tip and cracked handle. I am not sure how this knife ended up here but probably I bought it with some other old knives in the past.

Yellow handle knife before restoration.
Yellow handle knife before restoration.

I was looking to see some markings on the blade but without luck. Let’s crack with restoration and take a better look at it…

Check out this old yellow handle knife restoration video below!

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Cleaning and disassembling

Cleaning the blade with a steel brush.
Cleaning the blade with a steel brush.

First I wanted to remove the surface rust with a steel brush to be able to look for a stamp on the blade. Unfortunately, there is none. Well, next time. Ok, so the next thing I had to do was pull the handle from the blade. This can be really tricky and difficult.   

Removing the handle from the blade.
Removing the handle from the blade.

Luckily this time was easy. Wow, that was nice for a change. Inside of the yellow handle was loose rust. So I tapped several times at the table and it came out. Before I started sanding the handle, I placed the blade in a vinegar bath.

Vinegar bath for old rusty blade
Vinegar bath for old rusty blade.

After that I started sanding the handle. First with a grit 40 and then moved to 120 and 180.

Sanding the handle with grit 40.
Sanding the handle with grit 40.

Broken tip

After one night I pulled out the blade from vinegar and cleaned it with a cloth. It looks way better now. There are not many options to repair a broken tip on the knife, so I decided the simplest way to do it. It is basically to grind the blade until you get decent shape. So I did exactly that. To have a more precise result I marked the blade before grinding.   

Marking the line for grinding.
Marking the line for grinding.

For grinding I am using my favorite hand crank grinder. Because it works beautifully for this kind of stuff.

Grinding the blade to get a nice shape.
Grinding the blade to get a nice shape.

Sanding the blade and redesigning the handle

It is time to start sanding the blade. As usual I like to start with 120 grit and work my way out to 1200 grit.

Sanding the blade with grit 120.
Sanding the blade with grit 120.

But this time I did a bit differently than before. To get a better edge between the cutting edge and main blade I stopped sanding the main blade after 120 grit, but continued up to 1200 for the beveled cutting edge.  I was very pleased with the result and polished the blade after sanding.

Now I wanted to focus on the cracked yellow handle. The best solution at that moment for me was to cut ¨bad¨ part of the handle and add a new wooden piece. To make it pop up, therefore I used a dark teak wood and brass spacer between.

Drilling the brass plate.
Here I am drilling the brass plate – spacer.

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Assembling and finishing it up yellow handle knife

Finally I was getting close to fully restored yellow handle knife. It was time to join the blade and the handle together. I used two component epoxy glue for that.

Joining the yellow handle and the blade.
Joining the yellow handle and the blade.

And as a last step I applied a coat of linseed oil to the handle and beeswax finish afterwards. Wooden handle soaked in quite nicely.

Finished yellow handle knife. The handle iz redesigned but still the same knife.
Finished yellow handle knife. The handle is redesigned but still the same knife.

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Yellow handle knife after restoration.
Yellow handle knife after restoration.

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  1. Very nicely repaired and restored! I like the little addition on the handle too!

  2. Great job on restoring the knife. You really made it look good and now is good for 40 years of use.
    (if this was not a restoration )I would have made the handle with a bit of a stopper before the blade, just to increase the utility aspect of the blade.
    Love the fact that you have sections and description in your videos – makes it much more easy to understand.
    Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Well, that’s better than new.😀 with no makers mark how can you tell if it is a decent blade?

  4. Great job one again… Adding a peace of harder and darker wood with a peace of brass or Cooper, with criteria and good taste… I use coins some times not to put them between the wood but on top or bottom finishing the hand grip. On bottom can see tha full drawing on the coin and on top you miss a lot but looks great all the same. Never the less your priority of keeping things as original as posible only restouring them if they can still work I support and deserves an applause.

  5. Hi Boris, looks good, turned out great.
    But the handle – I love it!
    Great job 🙃👍

  6. I’m so intrigued to see your videos I’ve never seen knives that look like the ones you rescue. Thank you

  7. Автору респект, але … як на мене, то використання в роботі відреставрованих але, все таки, незручних і повільних інструментів, таких як дриль та точильний станок з ручним приводом – це зайве.
    Перейдіть на електричні інструменти – і видовищність від цього не постаждає.

  8. Why are you restoring a 🔪 if you can buy new one. BTW nice job
    Love from 🇮🇳.

  9. Wow. it looks damn good. you succeeded in the restoration perfectly. really noble.

  10. Вот это я понимаю рестоврация. А не новодел.. Отлично👍

  11. Thank You for saving the handle .The added darker would and brass is NICE….I have seen too many videos where they throw away an old hammer handle and put the old head onto a cheap new handle

  12. Nice restoration. I don’t see this kind of knives before. You are a true craftman. Congratulatios.

  13. I really love the fact that you still leave a few traces of the histry of the knife

  14. Привет Борис👋👋👋 хорошая работа проведена с рукаядью и лезвием, хорошо затачиваешь ножи👌🏽 желаю хороших успехов и береги себя👍🤝✌🏻🇷🇺

  15. Super j adore vos restauration.
    Le bain de vinaigre ça apporte quoi sur la lame 🤔

  16. Nice Job and the knife handle looks perfect . It is nice to see that you have done the whole work without Electric Machines.

  17. Привет Друг!!! 👋👋👋👋👋Всё круто!!!! Обожаю твои работы👍👍👍👍Ты молодец!!!! 👌👌👌👌

  18. I have said this before and I’m saying it again. I really love how clean and organized your workspace is. Every time I watch your videos my eyes always caught the white drawers in the back. How do stuff stay white and clean with the job you’re doing. Idk but I always love clean workspaces. 😂 Also, I have watched tons of restoration videos for two years now. With the others, it’s always the same old disassemble, sandblasting, paint/finish, reassemble. You may work with mostly knives but how you bring new stuff in each video always amaze me. Bleach on wood? And what is that you put in the vinegar? Oyster sauce?! Idk it’s just amazing. And most importantly how you reuse the tools you restored before to restore new tools. Amazing. I hope your channel grow more. Whoa that was long. But yeah 😂😂😂

  19. hello my friend I was waiting impatiently for your new video of bringing this knife back to life very nice, handle perfect, greetings👌🤘

  20. I been up for 4 hrs hoping you would post. Awesome job. Love the handle upgrade. Long video again 😍 but looks like you haven’t got moved yet.

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